The TCS4F manifesto passes 100 signatures!

Written by Antoine Amarilli
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We are happy to announce that the TCS4F manifesto has just been signed by over 100 researchers!

In the month since it was put online, the manifesto has been covered:
In terms of research groups and conferences, 3 research groups and 2 conferences (Highlights and STACS) have committed to the 50% carbon reduction objective. We are currently approaching more conferences about the issue and hope to see more signatures soon!

Of course, the environment crisis isn't the main problem on anyone's radar right now, but the pandemic is in fact a good opportunity to adapt our practices and think about how they will have to evolve in the future. So please consider spreading the word, mentioning the manifesto to your colleagues and collaborators, and advertising your signature of the manifesto with our badges! There are certainly more than 100 climate-conscious researchers in theoretical computer science on Earth, so we hope to see more signatures in TCS4F's second month of existence!

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